Remember Kim Kardashian's Steamy Skechers Super Bowl Commercial?

We certainly do.

Last night, the T-Mobile Super Bowl ad Kim Kardashian had been teasing on Twitter finally premiered, and TBH, the 30-second PSA to "save the data" is actually kind of amazing. (Can't hate all those outfit mentions.) But this totally reminded us of another Super Bowl commercial Kim starred in 4 years ago–that steamy ad for Skechers Shape-ups.

The 2011 ad featured a sweaty Kim saying naughty one-liners like, "You're amazing. The best I've ever had" to her trainer, whom she ends up leaving thanks to Shape-Up's ability to tone legs without having to go to the gym. Not only did this too-hot-for-TV cause quite the controversy, but Skechers ended up paying $40 million in false advertising. Oops. (The following year, the brand went with a much less racy face for their campaign–a dog.) Watch the video above, and let us know which Kim K Super Bowl ad you like best!