Alex Zalben/MTV News

Let Nick Offerman And Adam Scott Tell You Huge Lies About The 'Parks And Rec' Finale

That bus accident just sounds terrible.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

There's a date that smart and attractive television fans everywhere are dreading, and that date is February 24. That's because that's the fateful night that NBC's "Parks and Recreation" finale will air. Call it the last dance in Pawnee.

While stars of soon-to-bow shows usually keep mum on what happens in the last episode, Nick Offerman, at Sundance to support his movie "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," and Adam Scott, at the festival in support of "The Overnight," couldn't stop handing out tidbits to MTV News.

Fake tidbits, of course.

"Yeah, we all go down into the hatch," Scott said, in a summary of what sounded an awful lot like "Lost." "There is a light monster. What was the monster in the forest?"

Offerman painted a similarly dire picture of a bus catastrophe somehow involving escaped zoo animals and ending in "a heaven situation."

But in all seriousness, Scott said, fans won't be disappointed.

"It's very much in the vein of everything that's come before, but it's also looking off into the sunset," he said.

We won't see the episode for another month, but we already know what our faces will look like while watching: