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Taylor Swift Shut Down Instagram Hacker And Non-Existent Nude Photo Non-Scandal With Her Usual Charm

'Never a dull moment,' Tswizzle said about the morning's excitement.

Today was not a great day for Taylor Swift. At some point Tuesday morning (Jan. 27), an unknown hacker or group of hackers hijacked Swift's Twitter and Instagram accounts and tweeted out to her more than 51 million SWifties a plea to follow the head of the "Lizard Squad."


The tweets on the fourth-biggest Twitter account on the planet were reportedly deleted within about 15 minutes, but then someone busted into Taylor's Instagram account and posted a similar message; that one was also seemingly re-taken pretty quickly.

And in a scary reminder of last year's celebrity nude hacking scandal, the hackers also said they had stolen some naked pictures of Swift that they were willing to give back in exchange for some Bitcoin payments. Taylor's team was quickly on the case, but she gave a special shout-out to the person she called her "MVP" for alerting her to the attack, Paramore singer Hayley Williams.

And just so you know hackers, Taylor has already shaken it off.


And she's getting the last laugh.

And, seriously, stop looking for those naked pics.