Getty: Thomas Vogel

9 Fathers Who Took The 'Cool Dad' Thing Way Too Far

Achieving the balance of parent and party boy is far from easy.

When we were growing up, it seemed like dads were the coolest guys on earth. They taught us how to have fun, secretly break rules and swear while fixing things. But not every dad knows when to dial it back a little. Here are nine who tried so hard to be hip, but didn't quite stick the landing.

  1. Rap Dad

    Motivational speaker Derek Clark not only seems like a cool guy, but a good one -- he's overcome adversity and now inspires others as a career. But his freestyling passions (and ability to multitask while driving) lead him to break the cardinal rule of cool dads -- calling himself a "cool dad." Being cool by definition means you don't have to talk about it.

  2. Short Shorts Dad

    Scott Mackintosh, a dad based out of Utah, didn't like his daughter's wardrobe choices -- so he decided to try them on himself, and let it all hang out, to prove a point: "Modest is hottest." 130,000 comments is pretty cool though.

  3. "Frozen Doll" Dad

    If you've ever heard a dad joke, you can see this Christmas prank coming ... upsetting his daughter and taking things just over the edge of cool.

  4. Metal Dad

    This photographer father posted a baby selfie with his sign of the horns on Reddit. Criticism about said hand sparked this cool dad to post an entire series on Imgur telling his haters to "suck it." A lot of dads would've just stopped at trying to sneak beer into the zoo.

  5. Tattoo Dad

    OK, OK, the comments on this video clarify that it's an airbrush tattoo. But still, this dad knew what it looked like and voluntarily uploaded it. Too cool, dude. Too cool.

  6. Playboy Party Dad

    This guy made national news earlier this month for allegedly pulling the creepiest cool dad move ever: throwing his daughter a Playboy-themed 18th birthday party and allowing underage drinking. (He's also a medical marijuana attorney.) He apparently is the kind of cool dad that all your friends want ... and all of their parents HATE.

  7. Strip Club Dad

    Guys might think going to a strip club sounds awesome ... and that bonding with their dad sounds awesome ... but together? For Jose Angel Lopez Sr. and his son, this boys night out ended with assault charges for allegedly pulling a knife on the bouncer. Maybe making it rain was the first sign this was going too far?

  8. Prostitute-Hiring Dad

    Back in 2009, a dad was spared jail time in England for attempting to hire a prostitute to give his 14-year-old son much more than a talk. He accidentally solicited a cop instead, and no virginities were lost.

  9. Killer Prank Dad

    This dad pretended to throw his kid off a balcony to prank his wife -- and even got their young son in on the joke. The father and internet personality, Roman Atwood, was met with a huge backlash after posting the video. If he was using his toddler's judgement on whether or not this was a cool practical joke to play, then it explains a lot. Having to sleep on the couch is a small price to pay after admitting you thought this was funny.