Man Trains Adorable Bunny To Serve Him Beer: Watch

"My name is Thumper, and I'll be your server tonight."

This has to be the least lazy display of utter laziness we have ever seen. A man spent one year training his girlfriend's rabbit to serve him beer like a furry little waiter.

As Wallace the Rabbit's trainer explains, "This event marks the release of an epic accomplishment. I have been collaborating for the past year with my girlfriend's pet rabbit to create performance art and 'happenings' that capture this rabbit's capabilities and worldly passions...After such a long journey we arrive at this significant moment."

(Other things you can accomplish in one year include getting your MBA, becoming a singer or walking across the country.)

The video showing off the results was posted on Reddit and eventually made its way to Boing Boing. Watch the servile rabbit in action:

Gawker claims that the secret weapon motivating the pet is a piece of fruit hidden in the cart. It's not the most efficient beer delivery system, but it's certainly the cuddliest.