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Even Katy Perry's Toes Are Ready For The Super Bowl

Things are getting real serious in Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime prep land. We already know who's designing her outfits, how she's getting her skin ready for the big performance, and who she's conferring with about plans, so all that's really left, it seems, are the details. Details like on-point pedicures.

Katy shared a photo of her tiny football pedicure, and, IMHO, it shows us just how ready KP is for this thang. It also shows us just how much Katy loves those Adidas slides—so much! In fact, now we're wondering if she's gonna wear them on stage. I meannnnn, how else will we get to check out that pedicure? She's already worn the slides to #fashun events, so—just sayin' it's a possibility.

We'll find out on Sunday, when Super Bowl things kick off—LOL, get it?? #SPORTS—at 6:30 p.m. EST on NBC.