The Bling Ring's Got Nothing On This 12-Year-Old Diamond Thief

A tween and three adults pulled a $4.6 million diamond heist in Hong Kong.

Remember "The Bling Ring," that Emma Watson movie based on an actual teenage crime ring that burgled their way through Los Angeles a few years back? They've got nothing on a 12-year-old girl suspected of committing a $4.6 million diamond heist in Hong Kong.

According to CNN, three adults distracted the sales staff at Emperor Watch and Jewelry on Friday (January 23) while the young girl stole a 117-carat diamond necklace from the luxury store’s display cabinet.

The theft wasn’t just blind luck, though. The police believe that while the girl’s adult accomplices kept the staff at bay, she was able to find and steal the key she needed to open the cabinet from a drawer.

“The three adults posed as big spenders and demanded employees show them jewelry in an apparent move to divert staff attention,” said an anonymous to the police.

Security footage stills show the girl wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, sauntering out of the mall as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

“Our first and foremost priority is to comply with the police investigation,” a spokesman from Emperor Watch and Jewelry told CNN. “But we still have to wait for the results to see what measures can be taken to strengthen the security level.”

Extra security guards are now posted outside the store to thwart any other would-be master-thieves-in-training from attempting a similar crime.