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17 Times Abbi From 'Broad City' Lived Your Best Life (And One Time She Did Not)

Can't win 'em all.

"Broad City" is brilliant in its relatability. Best friends Abbi and Ilana (played by Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer) wander New York City on quests big and small. (Yes, we count dancing naked in your apartment to "Edge of Glory" a quest. A noble one.) You can relate to both of them, but some days are Ilana days, and some days you're just feeling like an Abbi.

Ahead, 17 times Abbi from "Broad City" lived your best life. (And one time she did not.)

  1. The time she did not care that it was showtime.
  2. The time when she knew there is a time and place for every discussion, and that now is not that time.
  3. When she was not only in the club, she ran the club.
  4. The one time when she saw religion in basketball shorts, ifyouknowwhatwemean.
  5. Remember "Black Swan"? Abbi really got "Black Swan."
  6. The time she didn't give up on her dreams, even though her ponytail was considered masculine.
  7. The time she restructured the food pyramid perfectly.
  8. The one time when she was basically your cool philosophy TA.
  9. When she flirted like a GD pro.
  10. The time she traveled in comfort and style.
  11. The time she demonstrated how to make a graceful exit.
  12. When she gave us the best lifehack. Ever.
  13. The time that that "Footprints" poem was about her, because when there was one set of footprints in the sand, that was when Abbi carried you.
  14. The time she really had her priorities in order.
  15. When she realized the joys of solitude.
  16. When she got that sudden burst of energy.
  17. When she chose celebrity role models wisely.

But, yes, we admit that this was not the best day for Abbi.