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Did Drake Send 'Cringeworthy' DMs to Porn Star Mia Khalifa?

A little Instagram exchange?

Mia Khalifa is the most searched porn star on PornHub, so it would make sense that, among all those observers, she'd have some fans in high places. And it turns out that one of music's biggest stars has hit her up.

When asked what famous person has tried to contact her during an interview with CBS Miami 560 WAM, Khalifa, at first, was reticent. "Oh, I would never reveal that," she said, as reported by Complex. "No way, I would never reveal that, that’s rude."

After a little prodding from the host, though, she finally relented: "Oh my God, it rhymes with 'Rake.'"

Hmmm, who could that be?

Blake (Shelton)? Blake (Griffin)?

Yeah, you're right. It was probably Drake.

And while many women would be eager to hit him back if approached -- even digitally -- by the "0-100" rapper, the 21-year-old Khalifa sounds like she passed when DM'd on Instagram.

“It was flattering, but his intentions were clear," she said. "The whole thing was cringeworthy."

Still, maybe Khalifa is still a fan. A few weeks ago her "Khalifa SZN" post reminded us of OVO's TopSZN crew. Maybe we're just reading too much into it all.