How Many Calories Are In KFC's New Double Down Hot Dog?

We do our best to estimate the nutritional info of the Colonel's new meat art.

In a world filled with fast food items like the Carl's Jr. Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich or Taco Bell's polarizing Doritos Locos Tacos, KFC has maintained an impressive stronghold as a formidable force in the "Oh, yes, they did!" fast food game. They started with the now (sigh) discontinued Double Down sandwich, which posed the brilliant question, "Why not make the whole sandwich out of meat?" Now, the Colonel and his crew are back with a new groundbreaking innovation in meat arts: the Double Down Dog.

Yes, you read that correctly. Here's what the latest superstar if the fast food word looks like IRL.


The new dog, which is now only available in the Philippines, is nestled in a specially crafted "fried chicken bun" and topped with a generous drizzling of cheese sauce. Perhaps the most surprising thing about it, however, is the fact that you may be able to eat one without blowing your recommended calorie allowance for the day. Although KFC has not released nutritional info on its site, we've done our own nutritional sleuth work, and what we discovered may just be worth booking a ticket to Manila for.

Here's what we found:

490: calories in a KFC Extra Crispy Chicken Breast

+ 315: the average number of calories in a hot dog

+ 157: the calories contained in a packet of cheese sauce

= 962 calories

2,600 calories per day are recommended for the average adult male. In other words, you could house one of these and still have 1638 calories left to play with. (Just don't try to use them to eat more Double Down Dogs. KFC is capping sales at 50 per store per day.)

This definitely beats those nasty healthy kale smoothies your girlfriend's been forcing on you. You're welcome.