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James Franco Calls 'The Interview' Fiasco 'A Surprising, Strange And Weird Thing'

'Maybe we'll learn from this and deal with it differently later.'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

The panic and controversy surrounding "The Interview" is only a few weeks in our rear-view mirror, but the memories are fading fast. Now that anyone with a Netflix streaming subscription can watch the movie in their pjs, it's hard to summon the feeling of helplessness that came with each escalating threat regarding James Franco and Seth Rogen's movie, which reportedly drew the ire of North Korea.

Franco himself, at Sundance Film Festival promoting his new film "I Am Michael," hasn't forgotten, telling MTV News it was "a surprising, strange and weird thing that happened."

"I was worried for MTV and you dudes. I heard some things, so I'm glad you're around," he said. "Have you cleaned up your email account? I'm personally trying to hack your email account."

As more theaters dropped the film and North Korean groups continued issuing threats, Franco and Rogen remained radio silent on social media. Franco told MTV News that he and his co-star, who also co-directed the movie, had no part in making the decision of whether to pull the movie or not. Eventually, Sony pulled the film from its Christmas release date, but made the film available on VOD and in certain independent theaters shortly thereafter.

"It was kind of out of our hands after a while, we weren't making any of the decisions, but I think it was a scary time for a lot of people because it was so new," he said. "It was such a new thing that kind of happened...whatever happened, I don't know if it's going to be a precedent, maybe we'll learn from this and deal with it differently later."

"I Am Michael" is currently playing at the Sundance Film Festival.