A$AP Rocky Finished Working On His Album With A$AP Yams Right Before He Died

We'll get to hear more of Yams' influence in the music.

We lost one of hip-hop's most creative minds when A$AP Yams died last week at the age of 26, but we'll get to hear more of his musical genius on A$AP Rocky's upcoming album, which they worked on together.

Following a brief performance for his new film "Dope" at Sundance over the weekend, a somber Rocky told Billboard that he would be attending Yam's burial soon.

"That performance -- that was just going to stop me from crying," Rocky said. "I had to address it, because the whole time I was rapping and I wasn't into it, which is sad, but I just gotta keep it real. I can't front. It's even harder knowing that I gotta fly out in less than an hour just to go bury him. That's the part that eats at me."

He also shot down persistent rumors that Yams, born Steven Rodriguez, died of an overdose and revealed that they'd just wrapped work on his new album.

"People were saying that Yams overdosed on drugs -- he didn't overdose on any drugs," he explained. "I feel like people feel that way because that's all he's in pictures doing. When you see A$AP Yams you see Hennessey or purple drink, you see some type of controlled substance or illegal narcotic."

Rocky was clearly upset as he spoke about Yams, but he found something positive to add, saying that he should be "remembered as a leader, an innovator and most importantly as an important part of NYC youth culture."

He said that they'd collaborated heavily on his sophomore album, which is "basically done. I finished it right before Yams passed away."

We can't wait to hear the magic they made together.