Kris And Bruce Jenner's Treadmill Workout Video Is So '90s It Hurts

Learn to use the Power Walk Plus with the Jenners.

Need some good old-fashioned '90s workout fun? Look no further than the Jenners, whose treadmill VHS we were reminded of after daughter Khloe Kardashian posted a clip on her Twitter.

In the clip -- part of Kris and Bruce's excellent instructional video -- the duo teach viewers how to use the Power Walk Plus, the premiere power walking instrument at the time. And look at Kris go! She's staying erect, she's got a good pace... although she could incorporate more arms, but that's a skill for later.


Although the Jenners are split now, the two have an amicable relationship and Bruce is often seen in his daughters' -- Kendall and Kylie -- Instagrams.

Oh, and if you want that VHS, cop it on Amazon now.