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Ewan McGregor On Those 'Doctor Strange' Rumors: 'I Was Into It, Yeah'

Plus, would he become a superhero in the future?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Before Benedict Cumberbatch was officially confirmed by Marvel as their Sorcerer Supreme in the upcoming "Doctor Strange" movie, nearly every nerd-friendly actor in Hollywood was rumored to be in the mix. Some were, some weren't, but we can confirm one name that definitely did get discussed: Ewan McGregor.

The star was at the Sundance Film Festival to discuss his new movie, "Last Days in the Desert," but we just had to post-mort his involvement in "Strange" - and whether he'd want to don a superhero suit for Marvel at some other point in the future.

"Yeah, I was into it, yeah," McGregor said. "I thought it was exciting."

Still -- and admittedly so -- it does sound like McGregor may have dodged a bit of a bullet by not donning the Eye of Agamotto for a big screen adventure. Though we've already shown that his three turns as Obi-Wan in the "Star Wars" movies solidified his geek-cred, when it comes to comics, the force is not quite as strong within him.

"I'm not a big comic guy, so I didn't know... Who Doctor Strange was," McGregor said, laughing. "All the fans have just gone, 'Well thank god for that!' "

Still, though he may not be familiar with Strange, he wouldn't turn down a spandex suit if the opportunity arose.

"I was intrigued by it, and I like the idea of creating a superhero character," McGregor noted. "Why wouldn't you? Very nice. But it was fun to be in the mix for a little while."

"Last Days in the Desert" is currently playing at the Sundance Film Festival.