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New Show 'Sex Box' Features Couples Having Sex On Television... Seriously

Catchy title, though.

Gear up, guys: This may be the pinnacle of reality television.

There’s a new show premiering on WE tv on Feb. 27 with a surprisingly specific and not-at-all-ambiguous title: “Sex Box.”

The premise?

WE tv
WE tv

Yep, it’s exactly what you think: “troubled” couples — suffering from things like infidelity and trust issues — will have sex in a soundproof, camera-free hanging glass contraption while a panel of experts discusses their relationship mere feet away.

Warning: Participation is not for those suffering from performance anxiety.

Then, the blushed, breathless pair will emerge from the sex box (which is kind of a fun phrase to say, if I’m being totally honest) donned in fancy silk robes, ready to air out their dirty laundry in front of a live studio audience.

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The idea behind it is that people are more likely to be honest and vulnerable after just having banged. And clearly the couples are just thrilled about being there...

WE tv
WE tv

A British version of the show was wildly popular overseas, and honestly, I could totally see this being a bit hit. The panel of “experts” sounds especially intriguing — there’s a relationship therapist, a hot tattooed sex therapist, a comedian, and a pastor who exclaims “I don’t know if this kinky or crazy!”

Neither do we, girl.

Check out the trailer below, which is full of priceless affirmations like “the box changes lives.”

“Sex Box” premieres on February 27 on WE tv and I will be watching every single episode.