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'Best Teacher Award' Winner Got Arrested For Sleeping With Her Student

Spoiler alert: She won't ever win that award again.

Teachers having sex with their students is apparently, and sadly, a pretty common these days. From the woman who was busted multiple times to the pair of teachers who went an overnight beach romp with underage guys, it’s an issue that’s popping up way more than we’d like to see.

In yet another incident, Georgia teacher Elizabeth Scroggs was arrested for felony sexual assault by a person with supervisory and disciplinary authority.

Scroggs, 32, was reportedly having a relationship with an 18-year-old student. A spokesman from Whitfield County School said they received an anonymous call about the sexual fling, which began in December and thankfully didn’t involve any acts on school property.

In an ironic twist of fate, it appears Scroggs was a really well-respected teacher in the area. Along with coaching cheerleading and cross country, she was a three-time nominee and 2010 winner for the coveted “Best of the Best” teaching award, nominated by her students. If only they had known.

Scroggs is currently in jail without bail and is, unsurprisingly, suspended from all her teaching duties. We suspect her award-winning days are over as well.