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Lady Gaga's Bummed She Missed Out On This Naked Dance Party

'Broad City' was on the 'Edge Of Glory' this week.

The only thing worse than FOMO ("fear of missing out") is FOMOONDP ("fear of missing out on naked dance parties"). And thanks to "Broad City," Lady Gaga has a serious case of FOMOONDP right now. #prayforgaga

In case you missed Wednesday (January 21) night's episode of the fuh-laaaaaawless Comedy Central series, Abbi Jacobson finally gets some time alone in her apartment, sans her monstrously awful roommate, Bevers. What does she do? Dance around naked to Gaga's "Edge Of Glory," obviously.

Gaga watched the Born This Way-soundtracked scene and tweeted her approval the following night, saying that the scene is "the greatest thing that's ever happened." She added: "if only I'd been there to join in the nakedness."

The "Broad City" Twitter handle noticed the singer's praise, and tweeted back a "TY" to "Lady GODga." That probably cleared her FOMOONDP right up.