Johnny Depp Tells Us All About His Silly 'Mortdecai' Mustache

The man behind the mustache speaks.

With reporting by Matthew Risley

In acting classes, masks are often used to help thespians let go of their self consciousness and fully sink into a character. In "Mortdecai," a glue-on mustache seems to have had the same effect on leading man Johnny Depp.

At a press day ahead of the release of the film, Depp and co-star Paul Bettany told MTV about how the cast of the film reacted to Depp's facial centerpiece, a prop he said "became very close" to him.

"I think they just laughed at me," Depp said. "I looked so ridiculous. They just laughed."

Bettany agreed: "Often Hollywood stars just get furious when you walk on set and they break out laughing at what you look like, and Johnny seems to egg it on."

"It's rare that you're allowed to have such fun," Depp said.

Find out more about "Mortdecai" and the mustache at the center of it all in the clip above.

"Mortdecai" is in theaters now.