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Here's How To Turn Oreos Into Mascara, NBD

As if we needed any more reasons to love them...

YouTube makeup mastermind Katharine Ward has just confirmed what we've known to be true all along: Oreo cookies were put on this earth to serve a higher purpose. What purpose are we referring to, you might be wondering? Well, other than helping us get through many a break-up, "America's Favorite Cookie" can be used to make mascara.

That's right—OREO MASCARA.

Katharine, who's a YouTube makeup tutorial pro, decided to combine her late-night snack of choice with her love of makeup and VOILA—the most delicious beauty product you'll ever put on your eyelashes. Want to make some for yourself? First, get your hands on these ingredients: rubbing alcohol, a cotton ball, a small container, Oreos, a spoon, a plastic bag, water, and eye or face primer. Second, follow Katharine's rad (and simple!) tutorial steps below.

Step 1

Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to swab out the container you’re using to get rid of any residue or germs (she used an old lip balm container).

Step 2

Break out the Oreos (she’s using the Candy Cane mini-oreos)! Separate the cookies by scraping out the filling into a small container, which you can either 1) throw out like she does, or 2) eat, like we will.

Step 3

Once you’ve separated the Oreos, put them in a plastic bag. Make sure all of the air is squeezed out, seal it, and then crush the cookies into a fine powder with your spoon. You don't want any big, chunky pieces!

Step 4

Next, spoon out some of the powder into a small bowl and mix it with a little bit of water (she uses a spray bottle, spritzing the cookie powder a few times). Then, you're going to mix in some face or eye primer (she uses Smashbox face primer) so the mascara will stick to your lashes. You should end up with a thick, cake batter consistency, which you'll then scoop into your final container.

Step 5

To apply, dip a separate mascara wand into your homemade mascara, and then apply as usual (also, try not to lick the container clean, if you can, because I'm pretty sure that's not edible).

Step 6

Gaze lovingly into your own eyes in a mirror. Duh.

Check out Katharine's full tutorial below!