8 Emoji GIFs That Accurately Reflect Why British Singer George Ezra Is Boyfriend Material

See how the "Budapest" singer and rising star went from S Club 7 to Sam Smith.

While George Ezra's Wanted On Voyage just dropped this week in the States, the singer/songwriter and rising star's debut LP is already sitting pretty at No. 1 in his home country of England. And aside from possessing the folksy voice of an angel, the 21-year-old Brit hangs with Sam Smith and Hozier (he's touring with Sam now, and he'll join Hozier on tour after that), he loves Emoji (who doesn't?), and feels like perfect boyfriend material to us.

"We released the album, and about 14 weeks later it went to No. 1," the 21-year-old told MTV News. "Either my mom's bought a lot of copies or there are a lot of people enjoying it, one of the two."

Although it took nearly three months before Ezra snagged the top spot overseas, there's no question it's only a matter of time before he becomes a hit here in the U.S. as well. And now that he's on the road with MTV's Best Artist of 2014 Sam Smith (with whom he shares four Brit Award nominations in the same categories), the crooner is being introduced to an even larger audience thanks to his soulful old pal.

"About three years ago, there was a gig in a tiny pub in London -- I think it was free entry. And it was me, Sam Smith and an artist called Laura Mvula, and we both played that gig," he said. "I don't even know if it was a full room if I'm being honest, so it's quite funny seeing both of us at Madison Square Garden now."

When we caught up with Ezra while in New York for his MSG show, the singer spilled some behind-the-scenes deets on his "Budapest" video -- check it out above -- and gave us some fun facts... in the form of GIFs. That voice, that hair, a working knowledge of S Club 7 and a love of the Information Desk Person Emoji alone are enough to have us changing our Facebook status from "Ask" to "In a relationship."

  1. S Club 7 Was His First Concert
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    "I got a foam finger and fell asleep before the end because I was about 6 years old. I also remember I was very high up and could barely see anything."

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  3. He Gets Fired Up For Summer
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    "I'm good in summer. My birthday is in summer. I don't like it when it's too hot but, you know, blue skies, I think people genuinely loosen up a bit, and it's nicer. There's a park on the common lands where I grew up, and everyone, before mobile phones would go down there during the day, and you would know there would be a big group of people there. It was great, fires in the night, you know."

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  5. George Kissed A Ghoul Girl In A Cemetery
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    "My first kiss was actually in a graveyard. It was on the way home for me. Slip in a kiss before dinner. In the graveyard. I don't know if it was planned out, like, 'go to the graveyard, have a kiss,' It just happened. I think she's a mom of three now. I could be wrong."

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  7. He's An Emoji Enthusiast
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    "I like the little blue fish, I like this girl," he said posing like the Information Desk Person. "It depends on who I'm Emoji-ing but they're good."

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  9. George Doesn't Have Any Pets
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    "My mom's always got cats, so you go down to my mom's house and there's always cats. I'm not a big pet fan. I remember the school used to have a hamster, and you used to take it home for a week at a time. I did that. I probably got bored of it within a day."

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  11. He's Highly Caffeinated
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    "The year 2014 was a big year for my taste buds. They really stepped up their game. Like, I got into red wine, coffee and sushi for the first time. Well done, George."

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  13. He's A Bit Of A Sports Fail
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    "I used to play basketball when I was younger a bit. I'm not very sporty. My dad, his job is to teach sports, so I don't know if I'm a letdown. I'm useless at sports."

  14. He Dances Like A Dad
    MTV | Gavin Alaoen

    I'm not very good at dancing. Yeah, dad dancing is kind of my go-to. You've got to be drunken enough a.) for me to do it and b.) to watch it.