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Happy Birthday, 5SOS' Calum Hood! Here Are 19 Life Lessons We've Learned From You

5SOS Fam? Let's celebrate Calum's birthday and all the valuable life lessons he's taught us.

It’s Calum Hood's 19th birthday! The 5SOS-er certainly has a lot to celebrate today -- you know, with his band being one of the biggest music acts in the world and all.

But while Calum is celebrating his last year in his teens, we want to celebrate him and all of the wisdom he has bestowed upon us. See, Calum does a lot more than sing, play guitar and write songs -- through his social media Calum has actually taught us some pretty valuable life lessons.

So let's throw on our party hats, wish Calum a big HBD, and take a look at 19 of his best and enlightening moments.

  1. Cleanliness Is Important!
  2. He Knows Exactly What We're Thinking
  3. It's Hard To Get Over Your First Crush
  4. Always Share Your Personal Stories
  5. Movies Can Have A Real Impact
  6. Always Exfoliate
  7. If You Don't Want To Do Something, Then Don't Do It
  8. Get Your Daily Intake Of Fruit
  9. Always Make An Effort
  10. Make Sure You're Compatible With Someone
  11. He Speaks The Truth
  12. Always Have The Ability To Laugh At Yourself
  13. He's Been To Places We've Never Been
  14. And Seen Things We've Never Seen
  15. Make People Think
  16. Always Look On The Bright Side
  17. Show Your Love In Creative Ways
  18. Always Eat Your Beets
  19. Always Show Love To Your Biggest Supporters