11 Facts That Will Make You Feel Even More Emotionally Glued To Your Car

Are cars the key to our happiness?

Your engine is purring. Your stereo is rumbling. Your buddy is riding shotgun, and you have nothing but open road and endless possibilities stretched out ahead of you. If your car is your castle and you’re most at home when you’re on the go, you are not alone. A recent study by MTV has revealed some surprising facts about Millennials and the way we view our wheels. Get ready to kick your auto romance into overdrive.

  1. We are the most sophisticated and thoughtful buyers the world has ever seen.

    Yes. The same generation that invented the phrase "YOLO" is "highly educated...and incredibly adept at using technology to make thoughtful purchases,” according to Jeff Lucas, Head of Sales, Music and Entertainment, Viacom Media Networks.

  2. Three out of four Millennials would (gasp!) rather give up social media than their cars.

    Apparently, that sweaty, panicked feeling we get when we have no reception is tenfold when we imagine life without our babies cars.

  3. To us, owning a car means being an adult.

    ...Which is good, because eating candy for breakfast definitely doesn't.

  4. More of us can buy cars because we’re stacking that lettuce.

    We're making more money than we did even a few years ago, and we're using it for more than just selfie sticks and butt implants, thank you very much.

  5. 80% of us use a car as our most common mode of transportation.

    Studies in recent years showed that we were warming up to public transportation and all of its interesting smelling glory, but our overwhelming love of cars may mean that city planners missed the bus on getting us to ride it.

  6. It turns out, you can tell a lot about a person by what they drive.

    We've known since the glory days of "Pimp My Ride" that customizing or wheels was important to us. Now, more than ever, we think it's important that our cars are a reflection of who we are.

  7. Stepping on the gas isn’t the only thing that gets our hearts pounding.

    82% of us find it exciting to buy or lease a new car. That nasty instant coffee at the dealership, though, we could still live without.

  8. We drive 72% more than our parents did.

    So next time your dad is a backseat driver, remind him that you're logging, on average, 344 more miles per month than he does.

  9. Driving is more fun for us than it has been for any other generation.

    Thanks sub woofers!

  10. Record numbers of us fantasize about owning our dream car.

    You may think it's perfectly normal to have names picked out for your future Ferrari, but the generation before us was 13% less interested in salivating over their dream car.

  11. We liked auto shop. (And not just because the teacher cussed and let us chew gum.)

    Learning about new car models and functions is anything but a bore for the 73% of us who love learning about that stuff.