Sundance Just Premiered The Raunchiest, Most Hilarious Sex Scene Ever

Melissa Rauch and Sebastian Stan's graphic sex in "The Bronze" brought the audience to tears.

The Sundance Film Festival has been the launching point for hundreds of huge stars, helped debut some of the most indelible movies of all time and has become a cultural touchstone. But last night during the 2015 Festival's opening night film "The Bronze," it also debuted what might be the raunchiest, most laugh out loud funny sex scene in cinematic history.

Spoilers for "The Bronze" past this point.

The movie, written by and starring "Big Bang Theory" actress Melissa Rauch focuses on a washed up former Olympian who heroically won the bronze medal in an Olympics-esque competition years prior, and has been coasting on the fame ever since. Back coaching a new, younger gymnast, Rauch's Hope Greggory ends up at a low point. Drunk in a bar, she ends up hooking up with her arch-nemesis, and old flame played by Sebastian Stan.

And then they graphically f--k like no one on screen has ever f--ked before.

Yeah, it's that insane. It's not clear just how much stars Rauch and Stan showed off for the movie, but the scene is very naked, very graphic and very full of Stan's booty. The duo essentially run through an entire gymnastic routine, complete with flips, rolls, and acrobatic moves that would make a stripper blush... And the crowd at the Eccles theater where the scene premiered lost their ever-loving minds.

In fact, though the movie is Rauch's show through and through, there's an image of Stan early in the scene where he reveals he has a tattoo of his own gold medal that starts above his bellybutton and ends... Well, you guess where... Which will be seared into the audience's minds for the rest of time.

Like most movies at Sundance, "The Bronze" hasn't been picked up for distribution yet... But trust us when we say, the world needs to see this sex scene. It's possibly the most important thing that could ever happen.

Or at least the dirtiest.