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Nicole Richie Has The Brightest Barbie Pink Hair Now

"Go pink or go home." - Nicole Richie to her hair stylist, probably.

Nicole Richie's Blue Period is officially over, y'all. In an effort to continue her fierce dominance of the color wheel, Nicole attended The Daily Front Row's Fashion L.A. Awards decked out in a brand new shade of hair dye: Barbie pink.

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Although we love us some early millennium Nicole Richie, the Candidly Nicole star has thankfully upgraded her take on pink hair from her first experiment with it in 2004, and we're kind of (read: extremely) jealous of how she makes rainbow brite look so dang ~chic~. While we loved her turquoise bob and bowed down the whole time she went lavender, this particular shade of bubblegum is really working for us.

Following the Fashion LA Awards, she uploaded a photo to Instagram with the caption, "Thinking Pink #fauxfur."

"Think pink" for as long as you want, Nicole, because we're lovin' it.