Peep The EXCLUSIVE Trailer For Hot YA Novel 'Mosquitoland'

A weird, wild bus trip awaits you in this debut novel by David Arnold.

David Arnold was a musician before he was a YA author, so it should come as no surprise that his hotly-anticpated debut novel, "Mosquitoland," comes with its own original soundtrack.

"The birth of the record was organic, if not a complete accident," Arnold told MTV News via email. "Many of the songs on the record were written around the same time as 'Mosquitoland.' It was never my intention to create a companion record, but it was almost impossible not to write songs about the characters I was spending so much time with."

The first track from that record, the haunting "War Paint," can be heard during the "Mosquitoland" book trailer -- and if you want a peek, we have the exclusive first look right here. It's an eerie glimpse into the world of Mim Malone, the main character of Arnold's novel, whose quest to understand who she is takes her through a psychotropic mire, onto a bus, and northward across a half dozen states to uncover a family truth that's been kept from her for years.

The people Mim encounters on her journey, says Arnold, are all unique: "Some quirky, some suspect, some endearing, all flawed in their own ways. Through it all, Mim struggles with her own identity: her perception of it versus the perception of those around her."

In the trailer, we meet Mim as she's in the process of applying her own personal "war paint," which Arnold describes as "a sort of therapeutic compulsion she acquires after a disturbing dream."

"Mosquitoland" hits bookstores March 3, 2015.