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Tom Hiddleston Is The Perfect Beavis To Benedict Cumberbatch's Butthead, And Here's Proof

Better than TP for your bunghole.

Best buds and total doofuses Beavis and Butthead already starred in their own movie and TV show, but forget about that for a second, because someone on Imgur just came out with the idea for a live-action "Beavis and Butthead" movie, and the casting is almost perfect:


That's right: Benedict Cumberbatch as Butthead, with Neil Patrick Harris as his cackling accomplice. An Oscar nominee, and an Oscar host, suggested as two of the greatest idiots in television history. It's not the first time Mr. Cumberbatch's likeness to Butthead has been pointed out, nor will it be the last, but for my money, it's the first time I'm seeing NPH suggested as Beavis.

And it's pretty good casting! Except for one thing…

Tom Hiddleston is clearly Beavis. If you'll indulge me…

  1. He's already best buddies with Cumberbatch.
  2. He's a master impressionist. See: Steve, "Loki'd."
  3. His hair is the perfect Beavis hair.
  4. His laugh is the perfect Beavis laugh.
  5. His grin is the perfect Beavis grin.
  6. He has delusions of grandeur...
  7. ...much like the great Cornholio.
  8. Look at them side by side:
  9. And tell me Hiddleston isn't the perfect Beavis to Cumberbatch's Butthead.

No further questions.