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17 Tweets That Prove Mindy Kaling Would Make A Great Best Friend

There's something about Mindy.

I wish there were a way to articulate my love for Mindy Kaling in a manner that hasn’t been said before. Unfortunately, it has been said many times, but I will say it again: I wish Mindy Kaling was my best friend.

I wrote her a rambling fan letter once, but never sent it because I sounded insane; I read it over and was like, “God, be cool for once!” I guess this is my way of making up for sending that letter.

Here are the reasons she would make an amazing bestie, based on her Twitter presence alone.

  1. She says what we're all thinking
  2. She asks the hard-hitting questions
  3. She gives great advice
  4. Like, really great advice
  5. Seriously the best advice!

    (OK, maybe not the suitcase part.)

  6. She understands the emoji game...
  7. Really understands it
  8. Also: The pie game...
  9. She understands the politics of modern-day pet names
  10. And knows how to have the best boy-talk
  11. She’d be great to watch movies with
  12. Especially ‘cause she doesn’t have time for this pretentious crap
  13. And because she is equally as upset about this as I am
  14. She drops truths like this
  15. And this…
  16. Did I mention she gives the best advice?
  17. The only advice anyone will ever need!

We love you, Mindy!