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See Selena Gomez's Brand New (Short!) Haircut

Mere days after (maybe) revealing her new beau on Instagram, Selena Gomez just dropped another bomb(shell) on IG—a brand new haircut!

Selena shared a photo of her new, choppy lob and, um, it looks amazing. Seriously, it's perfectly mussed and flipp-y and, LBR, a lot of ladies are gonna flock to the hair salon requesting this exact look this weekend. Like, including me, probably?

While a little over a year ago Selena dabbled in faux short hair, this is the first time in a while she's changed up her long, wavy locks.

More photos, please, Selly! We're eagerly waiting out here. Also, please tell us where you got your furry vest because it looks like the coziest thing ever. Cool, thanks, see ya!