'Saved By The Bell' Gets Creepy As F--k In This New Video From Wavves' Frontman

Face your inevitable demise, by way of '90s flashbacks.

Wavves frontman Nathan Williams is out with a '90s nostalgia-packed video for his new band, Spirit Club -- and it's just bursting with "Saved By The Bell" goodness. Oh, and it's creepy. Real creepy. Yup, just call Williams the architect of your own personal teenage dream/nightmare.

Allow us to explain...

The video for dreamy, surf pop headbob-fest "Still Life" is basically an exercise in coming to terms with one's mortality. Not only is it replete with '90s ephemera that makes one feel very old -- like clips from "The Simpsons" and the "Saved By The Bell" kids performing in some kind of band in an episode I can barely remember because I'm this close to death -- the whole deal is superimposed over the band kitted out like Grim Reapers.

Watch and gaze into the future that is your own oblivion, while also looking into the past... (Did we mention the video also features anti-drugs PSAs? Yeah, pay attention to those.)