Getty: Cindy Goff

7 Reasons Being A Bridesmaid Is Better Than Being A Bride

It's not your day ... and that's why you can enjoy it.

Many girls long to be asked one specific wedding-related question. And it's never, “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

Standing in the background with a bunch of girls wearing the same outfit may not sound like an ideal ceremony, but it's a lot less stress and pressure. When you break it down, being a bridesmaid is super fun, and here's why...

  1. You get a lot for your money

    A bridesmaid dress, a gift and potential travel add up. No one disputes this. But you're spending a lot less than the bride herself; the average 2013 wedding cost nearly $30,000. For a fraction of that price, you still get an excuse for a party and vacation, plus grounds to tease your bestie forever after enduring her dress taste and bridezilla meltdowns (which is priceless). That, ladies, is a bargain.

  2. Reuniting with those you rarely see

    Not only is this wedding an excuse for a party and vacation, it's also potentially a high school and/or family reunion. It's better than that, because if the reunion is awkward, you have the easiest out: serving as a dutiful bridesmaid. When you're cornered by an ex, you'll welcome the exit strategy.

  3. Motivation to finally get into Pinterest

    You've resisted the urge to feel basic for so long, but now you can surrender under the guise of your role as a bridesmaid. You don't have to wait for a proposal to jump into the Pin-hole; the water is just fine and likely cucumber-flavored.

  4. The freedom to get a little crazy

    If you're the kind of bridesmaid who gets noticed, then you're doing it wrong. To take the focus off of the bride, you have to make a scene that's so major it could damage your reputation and relationships forever. Most of us aren't that girl, which means you can get wild within reason ... and take comfort in the fact that no one is looking at you.

  5. Low pressure to be pretty

    Bridesmaids often conspiracy theorize that their dresses are so ugly to make the bride look prettier. Even it that's not true, embrace it. Like wearing uniforms for school or work, it lets you off the hook for looking ridiculous. There are some perks to being a wallflower, even if you suspect you've been dressed as a literal flower.

  6. There will be dudes in suits

    They don't care about your matching dresses; they care about having fun. After seeing an equal number of (sometimes) single guys in tailored suits lined up in front of you, that won't be too difficult.

  7. You can turn down the opportunity, and that's OK

    A bridesmaid proposal is better than a marriage proposal, mostly because you can say "no" without destroying the relationship. It doesn't mean you don't love the bride or you won't go to the wedding; it means you realize your limitations. She likely has a list of alternates she was stressed about not being able to ask -- yet another reason not to be envious of brides at all.