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Remembering Taylor Swift's Epic Grammy Hair Flip, One Year Later

An ode to the most emotional flippage of all time.

Do you remember, young Swifties, a time back in yesteryear, where the Red Tour was in full force, Sweeran stories were abundant and Taylor Swift's hair was completely flippable? As the 2015 Grammys approach, we're almost forced to trek back into that emotional territory -- back to the epic Swift hair flip from last year's event, where she performed "All Too Well" for the first time on TV.

This was no ordinary hair flip, my friends. This wasn't the average tossing of tresses that Beyonce or Fifth Harmony would do. There was no sass involved, no sexy stare, no hip pops. It was just Taylor, at a piano, singing her heart out about a love that was "a masterpiece until you tore it all up."

No, Swift's hair flip was a total surrender. In a song where she begins with a love story and ends with a crushing, heart-wrenching breakup, she surrendered to her emotions -- frantic, wild, angry, reckless, broken. And today, in an era where she exudes confidence, shaking it off with an attitude and a crop top, it's heartbreaking to remember Taylor at her most vulnerable, where she shared her story of loss, where she told thousands of people at the Staples Center and millions of viewers at home that she was "a crumpled-up piece of paper lying there" and how she was still trying to find herself.

She revisited that song almost every single night on the Red Tour, taking to her grand piano at center stage, wearing a long, lacy frock elegantly draped behind her. It's hard to imagine reliving heartbreak daily -- in front a stadium-sized audience, no less. But she did it, and it was genuine every time. That hair flip -- no matter how many memes it spawned -- offered up the soul of Taylor Swift, confused and lost, so that we could cry along with her (and trust me, we did).

Taylor will be presenting at the 2015 Grammys, and she's got three nominations -- Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for "Shake It Off." Both her three Grammy noms and her unforgettable hair flip represent a jubilant, full-circle shedding of clinging critics -- critics who've blasted her for detached, serial dating. If only they would listen...