Somewhere, A Video Exists Of Lea Michele Puking Up Snowflakes In Slow-Mo

Let it blow!

Lea Michele's "Glee" version of "Let It Go" has been giving us chills since last month, but we're not the only ones who had, um, a strong physical reaction to her performance.

In an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Lea revealed that at least one take of her singing the "Frozen" power ballad ended in tragedy, when -- and this is truly disgusting -- she choked on one of the fake snowflakes swirling around the set, and barfed all over the place.

We'll pause so you can make all your worst "let it go" puns. Go on. Don't hold it back... 'cause Lea certainly didn't! BA DUM CHING.

Meanwhile this story only gets better when the actress reveals that not only did this happen on camera, but it was being filmed in slow-motion for dramatic effect, which means that somewhere out there is a video of Lea Michele vomiting up a bunch of snowflakes at the luxurious rate of 240 frames per second.