13 Scenes You Won't See In Simon Pegg's 'Star Trek'

Don't mistake the final frontier for 'The World's End.'

If you wanted more Simon Pegg in "Star Trek 3," then today's news should have you positively beaming.

Pegg, who plays USS Enterprise chief engineer Montgormery Scott in the new "Star Trek" movies, isn't just reprising his role for the upcoming threequel — he's co-writing the movie as well! Deadline reports that Pegg will add his signature wit to the new "Trek" script, writing alongside writer Doug Jung. Turns out he can do it, and does have the power after all!

Who knows what Pegg will add to the "Trek" mythos in the upcoming "Into Darkness" sequel, or, perhaps even more importantly, the kinds of zingers he'll write up for each and every member of Captain Kirk's crew. But we have a pretty good feeling we won't be seeing anything like this:

  1. Page 3. Scotty sets phaser to "kill," disintegrates Klingon, puts on shades, turns to the camera and says:
  2. Page 7: Scotty hits engine with wrench once, twice, thrice and — BOOM! Sparks incinerate his hard-earned beard, yielding a guttural reply:
  3. Page 8: INT. Sickbay. Scotty, with no more tears left to shed, describes his injuries to Bones:
  4. Page 12: Day three of medical leave, Scotty goes to bar, gets sloppy drunk, and spills his heart out:
  5. Page 14: Later, at the bar, a drunk Ferengi heckles Scotty, remarking that the engineer used to have
  6. Page 14: A furious, near-blackout drunk Scotty freaks out on the Ferengi:
  7. Page 15: In an improbable display of strength, Scotty knocks the Ferengi out with a single punch:
  8. Page 16: Scotty, accompanied by Keenser, runs from angry barkeep, and finds a shortcut:
  9. Page 17: Scotty and Keenser catch their breaths, and decide to keep drinking with Chekov, Sulu and Spock:
  10. Page 18: Thirty minutes later, Scotty et al have been kicked out of the next bar due to disorderly conduct:
  11. Page 19: Scotty and friends continue their outrageous night out, shouting out at the stars:
  12. Page 20: Cut to nine hours later. Hungover Scotty wakes up on the floor of a bar. Disgruntled barkeep judges him, big time:
  13. Page 21: Scotty, realizing he cannot possibly pay his tab, makes a break for it.


Yeah, we're not going to see that.