This Guy Will Shave A Portrait Of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, And Other Celebs Into Your Hair

Edward Scissorhands, is that you?

If the new bangs you just got aren't working for you or you need something to cleanse your scalp's palate after months of a same old ombré dye job, might we suggest heading down to San Antonio, Texas real quick to get a totally new 'do from barber Rob Ferrel. Forget a cut and color—he'll straight up shave a celebrity's face onto the back of your dome.

Ferrel, who goes by "Rob the Original," has created some of the coolest hair art we've ever seen, all of which he documents on Instagram (you need to follow him, like, yesterday). His cuts have featured everyone from Iron Man to Ellen DeGeneres, and earned him quite the reputation.

Check out all our faves below!

You can check out the rest on Rob's Instagram. Real talk, though: which would you get in your hair?