Now You Can Realize Your Dream Of Having Benedict Cumberbatch All Over You

Cocoon yourself in Cumberbatch.

If you've always dreamed of relaxing at home, cocooned head to toe like a prenatal butterfly in a pupa made entirely of Benedict Cumberbatch, then congratulations: one company has just made a reality of your peculiarly specific Cumberbatchian fantasies.

Via TIME, thanks to a new Poprageous line called "Cumberbitch," fans of the "Sherlock" actor can now adorn their bodies with his likeness. The brand, which is similar in its design to the Clashist lines that feature the faces of James Franco, Ryan Gosling, etc, is now available for purchase online.


Right now, it looks like the only items of Cumbercouture available are a shirt and a pair of leggings (cumberbritches?), which does at least cover all the necessary parts. But to fully take advantage of this opportunity, let's be honest, this line won't be complete without...

Cumber Unders

A collaboration with Lululemon could bring our vision to life. The only thing better than Benedict Cumberbatch on your butt is having him pull double duty, lifting and separating your buttocks.

The Cumberbra

We usually like our breasts unencumbered, but if they have to be cumbered, then we want them held gently in place by Benedict. One Benedict per breast, thank you.

The Cumberbund

Just because it's so obvious. A Benedict Cumberbatch line of clothes with no "Cumberbund" is as bad as if Channing Tatum opened a restaurant and didn't have "Channing Taters" on the menu.

And of course, Benedict Cumberbatch workout wear

With a nod to the hot trend of vintage-style loungewear, the Cumberbitch line clearly needs a pair of joggers. (Except, in homage to Benedict's turn as the fierce and fiery dragon of "The Hobbit," they should really be known as "smauggers.")