Can Tony And Madison Survive The Latest 'Skeleton' Invasion?

Tony's two ex-girlfriends are causing serious trouble for the house's sort-of couple.

Tony and Madison have already weathered some serious storm systems, but Chicago's hurricane season is far from over.

On tonight's "Real World: Skeletons" episode, the house's sort-of couple faced some serious complications when the latest invasion was revealed, and it turned out to be a two-parter: both of Tony's most recent exes. "Princess Elizabeth," with whom Tony broke up just before moving to the Midwest, arrived first, but "Queen Alyssa," who touched down second, wasn't any less inclined to stir up trouble all the same.

Elizabeth, whom Sylvia noted would benefit from a "Hello, my name is Bitch" name tag, burst through the house's doors without an ounce of humility and demanded Tony take her out to eat. She berated him for partying, maintained an icy-cold demeanor around his co-tenants and even bad-mouthed Madison, who, ironically, was the only housemate to have given Elizabeth the benefit of the doubt. The whole ordeal was so intense, Madison was left wet with tears and insisted she was done with Tony completely. Violetta, though, remained unconvinced.

And when Alyssa arrived, the housemates got a better sense of Tony's past. His former girlfriend of eight years revealed she and Tony had hooked up a week before he moved into the "Real World" house, and Madison seemed sure she'd finally uncovered a closet playboy. "He plays with girls' emotions," Madison assessed to Alyssa, in whom she'd found a strange ally.

"He wonders why all these girls are crazy, and it's 'cause he's playing 'em!" Alyssa responded.

For now, Madison's happy to see her hook-up buddy squirm, but eventually, Elizabeth and Alyssa will leave, and Tony and Madison will be forced to decide whether they'll press forward as a couple. But now that Madison's seen a different side of Tony, will she still see him in a romantic light? And could Elizabeth's or Alyssa's visits drum up old feelings in Tony that he won't be able to shake? Sound off on the future of Tadison in the comments below!