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Joey Bada$$ Celebrates His Birthday With B4.DA.$$ Release

Joey turns 20.

Joey Bada$$ is going to have a hard time topping his 20th birthday.

On Tuesday (Jan. 20), the rugged and raw Brooklyn, New York MC turned another year older, released his major label debut album B4.DA.$$ and dropped a new song to mark the occasion.

"Born Day (AquariUS)" doesn't appear on the new album, but fans who bought a copy of B4.DA.$$ will surely be tacking the song onto the end of their playlist.

The Statik Selektah-proudced track starts with a fitting Nas sample from his 1994 classic "Life's a Bitch." "I woke up early on my born day, I'm 20 it's blessing," God's Son raps to open the song.

On B4.DA.$$, Joey delivers the exact brand of hip-hop that fans have celebrated him for since he bursted onto the rap scene in 2012; there is no compromise or formulaic selections that cater to radio or a pop crowd. The album is marked by it's dark beats and deep, lyrical rhymes.

The album release alone is quite the occasion for Joey and his fans, but tack his birthday onto that and today should be an unforgettable one. "My first album is coming out on my birthday. I plan on having an album release party/birthday party," Joey told MTV UK. "I just plan on having a lot of fun."