Woman Steals A Flat-Screen TV Under Her Skirt In 13 Seconds Flat: Watch

She's either a master thief or a magician.

Televisions are sleeker these days, but they're still heavy! And yet, a woman in Costa Rica was apparently spotted on video stealing a boxed flat-screen television by placing it under her dress and strolling out of the store. Here's the security footage:

"She did it so quickly no one had time to notice or react," said the shop assistant, according to First Coast News.

It was a swift heist, just 13 seconds, which suggests the woman knew it would work. So what was her prep ... years of ThighMaster training? (We picture an "Ocean's 11" montage of her duck-walking back and forth across her living room with a cinderblock between her legs.)

As of January 10, when the video was first uploaded, authorities are still on the lookout for the thief and her alleged accomplice.