'The Originals' Is Coming To The Page, And We Have An Exclusive, Sexy Sneak Peek

Klaus hits on a witch -- 1700s-style.

When it comes to "The Vampire Diaries" world, are you like a particularly hungry vamp, unable to be sated? Well, you're in luck, (blood)suckers: "The Vampire Diaries" spinoff "The Originals" is getting its own book series -- and we have an exclusive excerpt just for you (replete with Klaus GIFs).

Three novels -- count 'em, three -- by Julie Plec are forthcoming, but we have a juicy tidbit from the first, "The Originals: The Rise," right here. The book, out January 27, centers on siblings Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson as they arrive in New Orleans in the 1700s and cross paths with witches and werewolves of all ilks.

You can pre-order the book now -- and score a free poster -- but, first, check out a sneak peek below:

Leaving the boring party for a boring kill had unexpectedly made Klaus feel even more out of sorts.

He slipped back through the carved double doors, struck for a moment by the light and music inside. His return went almost entirely unnoticed, but not quite. The glow of a dozen chandeliers glinted off a pile of perfect blonde curls, and a pair of serious blue eyes was fixed on his face.

Rebekah must have been spying for Elijah and catering to his tiresome obsession with “fitting in.” Making sure the wayward half brother didn’t do anything to endanger their brilliant plans.

Together, the three Original vampires could have taken ownership of this fledgling city in a heartbeat, making it a fortress against the enemy that hunted them. Instead, they had spent nine long years cowering in dark corners, feeding only when necessary and ingratiating themselves with the locals. Klaus had agreed to it all for the time being, but he couldn’t be expected to forego all entertainment while bending to Elijah’s schemes.

He turned away from his sister in disgust, only to see that he was being watched by someone else. The girl staring his way was one of the witches, he thought, although he was almost sure he had noticed her dancing with a lanky werewolf earlier. A lovely young witch who wasn’t afraid to stray from her own kind? That might be enjoyable and could even redeem this dreadful party. With her raven hair, porcelain skin, and intensely black eyes she could almost have been a vampire, but Klaus knew that the spells that filled her pretty head were nothing compared to his power.

Klaus imagined splitting the white skin of her throat; he could hear her begging him to. He could be the last man to soak up the light that seemed to radiate from her before putting it out forever.

He watched the young witch move through the room, pausing to speak here and dance there. Now and then her shining black eyes found his before darting away. Klaus moved closer, stalking her through the ball gowns and frock coats like a tiger slipping through tall grass.

The music changed, and the dancers obediently separated into groups of eight, one couple at each corner. Klaus ended up one group over from his new prey -- was it his imagination, or had she begun to move away as she saw him come closer? -- but that was easily remedied. The dancers stepped and turned to the music, and Klaus let them carry him and the girl toward each other. He watched until she was just behind him, and then he spun.

“May I cut in?” he asked flatly, not waiting for an answer as he pulled her into his arms. Her partner stammered something and then backed away. Klaus didn’t bother to watch him go.

The girl’s red lips quirked up in a rueful smile. “Poor Gerald,” she sighed, her black eyes glittering in the candlelight. “I don’t think he saw you coming.”

“I think you did, Mademoiselle,” Klaus countered, spinning her away from his body and then back in, closer this time.

“Vivianne,” she replied, holding up her gloved fingers expectantly. He turned her hand over to kiss the underside of her wrist, letting his lips linger on her skin a bit longer than the usual. She didn’t blush the way most girls her age would have; instead she raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“Niklaus Mikaelson,” he returned. “It’s an honor.”

“I’m sure,” Vivianne murmured. She glanced away, distracted. Then she looked back up at him and smiled, and it was as if the sun had come out: dazzling, powerful, and dangerous. “Who dragged you to this tedious affair, anyway? Or did you just wander in and lose sight of the exit?”

From across the room, Klaus noticed Elijah lurking at the outer edges of the ballroom. His brother’s brown eyes were searching, boring into his.

Elijah jerked his head, trying to catch Klaus’s attention without anyone else noticing. Klaus stared at him curiously, intrigued by the vehemence of his silent protest.

“My siblings assured me this party would be the social event of the season,” he answered. “I wasn’t convinced, but it certainly has improved dramatically in the last few minutes.”

Vivianne’s eyebrow ticked up again; he couldn’t quite tell if she was flattered or just amused. “I wouldn’t have thought you were the sort of man who enjoyed pattern dancing.”

“Neither would I.”

The music signaled a change of partners, but Klaus glared at the young man who held his hand out to Vivianne.

“I don’t quite have the hang of it,” he admitted, “but you dance beautifully. I wasn’t aware this city could turn out such polished young women; have you traveled?”

Her onyx eyes glittered with mischief. “I think you want me to know that you have,” she interpreted dryly. “You must have seen extraordinary things.”

“Oh, I have.” Sights that would have made her hair stand on end, but Klaus could save those topics for another, more intimate time.