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Here's Every Character Who Might Be Sin Rostro On 'Jane The Virgin'

Who is the man without a face?

"Jane The Virgin" is celebrated for its whimsy, but during Monday night's (January 19) midseason premiere, things got serious -- if only for a moment -- on the Sin Rostro front. Who is this serious drug lord known solely as Sin Rostro, the man with no face? And could it really be Rafael?!

We've rounded up the top five suspects so far, as we're taking on the task of investigating Sin Rostro's identity. But first, we're ruling out a few unlikely suspects.

There's no way Jane could be Sin Rostro. Our charming protagonist can't even lie! How the heck is she supposed to cover up an entire drug cartel? And then there's Michael, whose obsession with finding Sin Rostro -- and making sure Rafael goes down for the crime -- seems way too believable. Let's remember that this is also the man who remained celibate for Jane for over two years, and drug lords aren't particularly known for their patience. And there's also the heavy bit of foreshadowing in last night's episode that suggested Michael's hunt for Sin Rostro might lead to his demise.

Petra and her mother Magda are also unlikely suspects, because they couldn't even keep a hostage without letting him escape, so we doubt they'd be able to run an underground billion-dollar drug trafficking operation.

So, without further ado, here are our top five suspects, starting with the least likely.

  1. Nadine
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    We love the idea of a crooked cop, and while we think Michael is a little too focused on bringing Sin Rostro down, his partner Nadine is very good at keeping him distracted. Could she be distracting him on purpose? The reveal of Sin Rostro's surgical lair does seem to weaken this theory -- after all, why would she help Michael find it? Then again, there's always the possibility that it has nothing to do with Sin Rostro at all.

  2. Rafael
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    We don't want to believe Rafael could be the bad guy, but he's been acting more than a little shady lately. Sure, he came clean to Jane about his stash of passports, but we're not entirely sure we believe him. He may be sweet and caring and pretty much perfect with Jane, but he also has a calculating side, as proven when he out-maneuvered Petra in their marriage. And if the surgical lair does belong to Sin Rostro, there’s only two people who would know about it: Rafael and his father Emilio. Plus, drug lords have serious style -- and have you noticed Rafael's impeccable shirt game recently? He does look the part...

  3. Rogelio
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    Speaking of looking the part, the only character with more style than Rafael is Jane's father Rogelio. The man has some nice suits. Not only does he look the part, but he has the connections. Seriously, this guy knows everyone! Rogelio may seem like a dim-witted yet lovable narcissist, but he could be smarter than we give him credit for. And honestly, Rogelio's reveal as Sin Rostro would be truly shocking.

  4. Emilio Solano (aka Rafael's dad)
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    Everything about Emilio has been sketchy since the beginning -- which is why we think the writers will shy away from making him Sin Rostro. Then again, he's the only other person who would know about the surgical lair, and he is leaving the country for Croatia at a rather suspicious time. During last night's episode, Rose -- Rafael and Luisa's stepmother -- overheard Emilio on the phone talking about taking $5 million out of his account and booking a flight to Croatia, a country with no extradition laws. That seems pretty incriminating, but we're still not entirely convinced. Perhaps Emilio is in Sin Rostro's gang, but we don't think he's the head honcho.

  5. Rose
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    We've had our suspicions about Rose for a few episodes, but last night's hour fully cemented it: Rose is Sin Rostro. The fact that she went to Rafael with her own suspicions about Emilio means that she has to be involved somehow -- and she's looking for a way to pin it all on her hubby. Plus, it doesn't seem that unlikely that she would be the only other person, aside from Rafael and Emilio, who would know the ins and outs of the hotel. Of course, her relationship with Luisa might seem like her only redeeming quality, but let's not forget she let Luisa get committed by lying about their affair. That seems like a pretty heartless act -- one that a criminal mastermind wouldn't think twice about committing.

Who do you think is the man -- or woman -- behind Sin Rostro? Sound off in the comments with your own theories!