Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Try Out Some New Names

'Luigi McPenis' does have a certain ring to it.

Obviously, a world in which Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't named "Benedict Cumberbatch" is not a world that we (or you, or any sensible human being) would ever want to live in.

But if you've ever wondered what it might be look to see the actor with the musically multi-syllabic name introducing himself as a series of completely different people -- including "Al Roker," "Queen Latifah," "Luigi McPenis," and "Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die" -- then you'll enjoy this video put together by Jimmy Kimmel, in which Benedict explores the wide world of other things he could call himself, if he ever got tired of having literally the best name in the universe.

Which he almost certainly won't, which means we should really savor this; it's going to be the first and last time we see Benedict Cumberbatch calling himself "the Hamburglar."