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Mike Huckabee Spouts More Irrelevant Opinions About Beyonce: Watch

Oh my god, stoooooooooop.

A little over a week ago, Mike Huckabee did the opposite of anything useful by criticizing Beyoncé for using her sexuality as a part of her performance and likening her husband, Jay Z, to a "pimp."

Now, the former Governor of Arkansas and failed presidential candidate is walking back on part of his critique -- which appears in an excerpt from his new book, God, Guns, Grits, And Gravy -- while doubling down on his opinion that the good Queen Bey "doesn't need to be as risqué to be popular."

TMZ caught Huckabee (or "Hucklebee" as the cameraman calls him) outside New York City's LaGuardia Airport on January 18, where they followed up on his thoughts about the "7/11" singer.

"She's such a mega-talent, and even what she does -- it's perfectly up to her. She's just a great talent that doesn't need to be as risqué to be popular," Huckabee told the cameraman.

Instead of getting mad at the politician-turned-pundit, and thus legitimizing his racially problematic, sex-negative argument, let's review what gives him the authority to speak on matters of pop culture.

When asked what his favorite genre of music is, Huckabee said: "All over the board. I listen to everything from country to pop, a lot of classic rock."

Yeah, and Sarah Palin's favorite newspaper is "all of them."

And what's Huckabee's favorite Beyoncé song? Surely he's familiar with her work if he feels comfortable enough to critique it: "I mean... She's done some great stuff."

Lol, bye.