Grayson County Sheriff's Office

Kentucky Teens On 'Bonnie And Clyde' Crime Spree Finally Apprehended In Florida

Kentucky teens Hayes and Phillips were taken into custody in Florida 'without further incident,' authorities says.

The modern day Bonnie and Clyde’s 14-day crime spree is officially over.

Teenage fugitives Dalton Hayes, 18, and his girlfriend, Cheyenne Phillips, 13, were taken into custody in Florida on Sunday (January 18) after eluding authorities since fleeing their Kentucky homes on January 4.

According to NBC News, the star-crossed lovers were sleeping when they were found by police in the back of a stolen Toyota Tundra behind an IHOP shortly after midnight in Panama City Beach.

“The vehicle was surrounded by law enforcement and both Hayes and Phillips were taken into custody without further incident,” said Kentucky’s Grayson County Sheriff’s office in a statement.

The adolescents have been on the lam since barreling through a cattle farm in Kentucky in a stolen red 2006 Toyota Tacoma with a firearm inside, leading police on a chase from the Bluegrass State to Georgia.

U.S. Marshals reported that the couple was later spotted at a Walmart in South Carolina where they cashed a stolen check and stole another pickup truck that contained .38 and .45-caliber handguns in the back seat.

Hayes’ mother, Tammy Martin said that her son told her he was ready to come home and “face the consequences.”

Hayes and Phillips are expected to appear before a judge in Florida on Tuesday to sign extradition papers before returning to Kentucky to face multiple felony charges.