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PuppySwap's Spoof Commercial Sends A Subtle, Important Message About Pet Ownership

It's a puppy subscription service.

PuppySwap sounds like the perfect idea.

In a nutshell, it’s Netflix for puppies.

“Imagine being able to enjoy all the friendship, devotion and unconditional love of a puppy with no long term commitment,” says voice in the commercial. “Welcome to PuppySwap, the world’s first puppy subscription service.”

That’s right, as soon as your lovable pup gets too old and less “cute,” just send them back for another one.

Problem is, there’s no such service and if you’re one of the people responsible for the over 180,000 animals that enter Canadian shelters every years, well, you’re the kind of jerk that would sign up for PuppySwap.

The subtle, yet effective campaign is the Toronto Humane Society’s way of letting people see how ridiculous it is to think that pet ownership is so disposable. When you introduce that cute puppy to the family, they’re a part of it, for life.

Please, let’s all “subscribe” to ending pet abandonement.

Make sure you watch the whole commercial with your pooch, no matter how old they are.