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Drake Got An Unbearably Cute 'Ted' Gift From Don Wahlberg

Drake is riding around with his very own thunder buddy.

What's the greatest gift that any "Ted" fan can ask for? Well, uh, Ted, of course, and that's just what Drake got.

Drizzy posted a video of his very own thunder buddy on Instagram, letting fans know that he was excited about this gift from Don Wahlberg, the New Kids On The Block star turned actor.

Since Donnie's brother Mark is the star of "Ted," the gift makes perfect sense. Now Drizzy is basically like John Bennett, Mark's character in the film. It even looks like he's taking Ted with him everywhere he goes. True thunder buddies for life.

Could this mean we might see Drake in the "Ted" sequel?

Well, that's to be determined, but we do know a sequel is on its way. "Ted 2" is scheduled to be released this year, according to IMDB, and the film is slated to star Amanda Seyfried and Morgan Freeman alongside Mark Wahlberg.