So, How Did Viewers React To Lifetime's Whitney Houston Biopic?

Regardless, we will always love you, Whitney.

Lifetime's Whitney Houston biopic – aptly titled "Whitney" – was the collective Internet's baby last night. And while Whitney Houston's family has made it clear that they are not on board with the made-for-TV-movie, viewers tuned in last night to make up their own minds. Here's a breakdown of the reactions.

Relive All The Drama In Real Time

Sherri Shepherd hilariously live-tweeted the TV movie, so head over to her Twitter account for gems like...

It Started Really Well, According To Kathy Griffin

It's All About Bobby

While Bassett wanted to focus the film on a five-year period of life amid the infamously tumultuous love affair between Whitney and Bobby Brown, some viewers believed it was a bit too Bobby-centric. "I learned more about Mr. Bobby Brown than our girl Whitney, and I didn’t feel like there was any resolution," said EW recapper Erica Berlin.

Depicting Whitney's Death? Too Soon

Viewers weren't privy to the tragic events of February 2012, because Bassett didn't believe it was appropriate. “We get an inkling. We get a glimpse at where it’s going. But we don’t go fully there. We don’t need to. We know it, and I think it would only break our hearts again, you know?” Bassett told The Washington Post.

It Features "Fistfuls Of Blow"

Hey, we didn't say it. Clearly, the "sex and drugs" contingent of Whitney's turbulent lifestyle was fully represented.

The Costumes And Casting Were On Point

It's Decidedly "Pro" Eddie Murphy Dating Rumor

Deny it all you want, Murphy, but we saw it on Lifetime so it has to be true! As International Business Times writes, "...the scene fans will be talking about takes place at a ceremony where Houston receives a humanitarian award. Murphy, played by Reign Morton, appears in a pre-taped video message to Houston congratulating her in a not-so-subtly flirtatious routine in which he asks her to approach the screen so he can kiss her. In the film, the incident makes Bobby Brown (Arlen Escarpeta) jealous."

Missed out on all the drama? Lifetime is re-airing "Whitney" at 8:00pm and 11:00pm ET tonight (Sunday, January 18) and at 8:00pm ET tomorrow night (Monday, January 19).