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A Teen Literally Did Protect Lil B At All Costs By Warning Him Of A House Fire

Based World has a new hero.

There’s a new hero in Based World, and his name is Mateo Ysmael. The fifteen-year-old saved Lil B’s life when an electrical fire broke out in the housing complex where they both live.

The Contra Costa County Times reports that Ysmael had just woken up on Thursday morning (January 15) when he smelled smoke. He looked outside his bedroom and saw flames coming through the wall.

"I just ran and got my stepmom, and told her I thought the place was on fire," the 15-year-old told the Times. "Then I went and got my little brother and my two sisters. We got out of there quick. Then I pounded my neighbor's door."

Everyone was able to escape safely, including Lil B.

"I'm grateful to be alive," he said. "If that kid didn't come knocking on my door..."

"I've got to thank the Contra Costa Fire folks for doing such an amazing job keeping it contained," he added. "They were extraordinary. It could've been so much worse than it was. Like I said, I'm grateful to be alive."

Lil B then went on to Twitter to thank the fire brigade—“Thank you to the contra costa county fire department! For helping and loving me, thanks to the battalion chief and red cross thank u - Lil B,” he tweeted.

Lil B added that he’s seeking donations to help rebuild his damaged studio: “Lil B studio almost just burnt down pray and send him love, his paypal support lil b directly! Firefighter love - Lil B."

Based world owes you one, Ysmael.