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This Gay Couple Can't Get Married Because The Government Has Accused Them Of Insanity

Two men in Baja California, Mexico, have been turned away from city hall four times since 2013.

Victor Aguirre and Victor Urias have been trying to get married since 2013. On January 11, the couple were turned away for the fourth time despite having all the proper paperwork for a marriage license, all because their sexuality caused officials to accuse them of insanity.

The two men approached municipal offices in Mexicali hoping to become the first gay couple to ever be married in the state of Baja California, Mexico. But instead of tying the knot, they were met with protests from religious conservatives in front of city hall's locked doors.

City hall officials claim that the marriage counselor who held a legally required session with Aguirre and Urias has accused them of being insane. Angelica Gonzalez Sanchez, the city-appointed counselor, wrote a letter to officials that stated, "I am asking that at this moment, before their marital union is allowed, they be evaluated by medical specialists to determine their degree of insanity."

Gonzalez wrote that she suspects the couple of insanity because they became upset when she tried to cancel their meeting upon learning they were gay. "These talks are meant for heterosexuals," she explained.

The couple and their lawyer plan on suing Mexicali mayor Jaime Diaz Ochoa, who dodged an order from the Mexican Supreme Court stating that Urias and Aguirre must legally be permitted to marry.

The couple have protested the city's decision with a hashtag on Twitter, "#MisDerechosNoSonLocura," which translates to "my rights are not insanity."

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