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Forget Everything You've Heard: THIS Is How Justin Bobby Got His Name

Audrina's love interest on 'The Hills' just answered one of our most burning questions.

We might still agonize over the Zapruder film for intel on JFK's assassination, but tonight, we can sleep soundly knowing at least one great American mystery won't remain unsolved:


Former "Hills" cast member Justin Brescia, who famously dated Audrina Patridge and sometimes wore combat boots to the beach, made quite a splash when he joined the show in 2007 and left stars Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth unsure of how to address him. Evidently, though his name was Justin, the girls learned he'd been insisting that his friends call him Bobby (CONUNDRUM!), and yesterday -- eight years after his MTV debut -- Brescia finally explained to Bustle that the infamous nickname was all one big misunderstanding.

"[Audrina] knew me as Justin Brescia," he began. "When she asked me to film ["The Hills"], I said that I didn't want my birth name on the show. [I told her] let's just say Bobby, because my middle name is Robert."

Somewhere along the line, though, Audrina forgot the agreement and started calling him Justin again. AND THEN: MADNESS!

"So then we start doing takes, and [the producers] hear on the walkies: 'Justin, Bobby, Justin Bobby,' and they’re like...'Who the f*ck are we talking to?'" he recounted.

Finally, LC and Lo settled on the moniker that would soon be heard 'round the world, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Relieved to finally have the whole story? Share your thoughts, and watch one of JB's earliest (and perhaps his most famous) "Hills" scenes below: