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Jared Leto's Beautiful Bun Makes Its Highly-Anticipated Return

Last night, at the Critics' Choice Awards, Jared Leto showed up with his hair pulled back, as he often does.

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Considering his perfect, messy braid from the Golden Globes, though, we weren't sure if had brought it back or returned to his tried-and-true man bun. Well, die-hard bun fans, you're in luck.

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The bun is back in action! And it's exactly the sleek type of look we requested for the Globes. What we didn't know when we made our request, though, was how flawless JL could pull off a braid, y'know? We should've figured.

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From the side you get a full picture of how sleek that bun is—there are no fly-aways in sight. That is not the type of bun you just throw up, OK? That takes work.

We can't even begin to guess what Jared's gonna wear to the Oscars. Maybe he'll bleach it again?? He's always surprising us, that Jared.